Fuel Dispenser LCD Displays

Hello masters,
hi masters, i need help to connect this type of lcd to arduino board,
i’ve got some library ht1621, but all can’t run well …
can you guys help me …


thanks for your attention.

BSB3650-01-LW-SNMWD-1.0-20151225 (2).pdf (947 KB)

Well, the datasheet shows you all the commands. Just bit-bash it.

When you have it running with bit-bashed code I would experiment with regular SPI.
e.g. send 0b00000101 after /CS becomes active.
the chip might just skip the leading zeros and respond to the first 1 bit. i.e. 0b101

What are you going to use it for?


Thanks for your response David, i used for Mini Fuel Dispenser with arduino project, the LCD i'll use for show Fuel Meter. Can you give me a Library or code for this lcd, please?

No. I do not have your LCD. If and when I install a petrol pump in my front garden, I will write any software that might be required.

If you are running a commercial garage / filling station your equipment will have to be approved by your country's Trading Standards.

I doubt if many multi-million dollar companies rely on Arduinos Or if an Arduino hobbyist would trust filling their car in an unapproved Filling Station. They would be paying good money (and taxes) for an unknown quantity of petrol.


thanks for the advice David, i just made a simulation of fuel dispenser with arduino, not for commercial

Can someone/anyone help me ?

Solved !!

I create custom library for this lcd

Hi zifank could you help me in the same topic