FUEL PUMP controlling by Arduino

Hello, dear friends. I have a project of instantaneous mass flow rate which has a fuel pump. I should control the pressure of fuel pump using PWM signals. I decided to control the fuel pump using Arduino UNO. I should control the pressure and frequency of fuel pump. Could you give suggestion about the code and should I use relay in order to enhance the signal?

You have not provided enough information.

Post a link to the datasheet for the pump.

If the Arduino needs to know the pressure how are you going to measure it?

You can't possible enhance a PWM signal with a relay.

Have made any attempt at a program? if so please post your code.



According to pump type and spec, you may have many soluions, or 1 solution, so it depends what you are controlling. Is fuel pump, mechanical, electrical, diesel, 24VDC, 220VAC? So many things to think.