Fuelino project questions

I downloaded the files of this project.
After some changing in the SDmgr file, I can compile it.
When I measure with oscilloscoop I get output inverted of injection input. So far this works. But when I open the simpleserial program, I get 71V on throttle and lambda. RPM is @12000 according to monitor. Looks like problem in the ADCmgr file. Has someone build this project and can help me out?

That post from January 2017 points to the website that maintains the project. They might have more recent information: https://www.monocilindro.com/category/electronics/fuelino-project/

I downloaded latest software from his website(ducati file). When I look in the ADCmgr.ccp file, the input also don't match with pinnings of his latest board.
But when I chance these, it still doesn't work.
I set the compile.h file. Also set cilinders to 1(as needed).

Nobody that has build this project or can help me out?
Or maybe other project of piggyback efi?

Have a look at mega squirt

I know about megasquirt or speeduino but I want to build a piggyback for one injector. Not a standalone system.

I've found his previous software version on github.
This seems to work ok.

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