fujifilm s3000 LCD

I want to add a Fujifilm S3000 LCD to my arduino, im jumping in a bit deep as i have only had an arduino for about 3 months.

i've had a search around and found nothing, so either there are no details of the screen on the net or no one have ever tried anything like it befor.

The camera itself has died but the screen "should" be fine, but looking at it, it has loads of connections and i just don't know where to start.

i will upload a pic at some point but as i said the camera has died, so off to get a new SLR

The bad news is that those "loads of connections" probably mean that the camera's CPU is controlling the display at a very low level (i.e., no onboard controller chip that would be easy to control with an Arduino like the ones you can read about using here). Unless by "loads" you mean "around 16-20", in which case there's a chance.


about 35 two being power as their taped off and running to the lighting unit behind.

nevermind, just a nice thought, instead of bining it.