"Full-buffer" mode in U8G2 library

Hi, I am working on a project that uses a 3.12" OLED display that has a SSD1322 controller and a display area of 256x64. I am using a Mega2560 processor at 16Mhz and at the moment my code is quite minimal (4% Flash and 9% of RAM).

I have it working fine in "page-buffer" mode but would like to use "full-buffer" mode but it doesnt seem to work in that the display is corrupted.

Does the Mega2560 have enough RAM for "full-buffer" mode???
How much memory will it need???

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This only needs 2048 bytes of SRAM for a full buffer. The Mega2560 has 8kB i.e. 25% for the buffer.

Copy-paste a minimal program that gets corrupted.


Sorry, my bad !!! I was using the wrong constructor !!!


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