Full feature vi or vim for Yun

Has anyone found a better vi or vim?

I found the answer: it is in the repository and can be installed with opkg.

opkg list | grep vim

and opkg install the 2 packages.

you'll have to diddle around a bit in /bin and /usr/bin to apply links to the newly installed vim.

after that was done, I discovered that bash is also in the repository. I installed it as well since I prefer it to ash.

Well done :)

This is not directly an answer, but I find it simpler to mount the Yun folders on my PC and use the editor of choice (gvim) on my PC to edit the files on the Yun.

@NewLine Could you please explain how are you doing it or give a hint. Are you using netrw.vim? Thank you very much in advance for your answer, MicMac.

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