Full H-bridge (mega = > due) controlled by ElectroShaman Java GUI

Please find detailed video instructions on how to modify the arduino sketch to Java control a full H-bridge driver


Runs on Arduino MEGA, requires ElectroShaman v2.0.5 on Win/MAC to manage operational parameters

Almost fully compatible on Arduino DUE requiring only to change timer4 initialization and ISR4 (Interrupt routine).

If somebody would be willing to [u]migrate these three parts of the code from MEGA to DUE[/u] where 99% of the code is already due compatible and USB java.

Thanks in advance, Albert

// select output pins & initialize timer4
  pinMode(outputPinH1H2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(outputPinH3H4, OUTPUT);
  TCCR4A = B00111001; // Phase and Frequency correct at OCR5A
  TCCR4B = B10001;    // prescaling by 1 the system clock
  TIMSK4 = B1; // ISR management to detect OverFlow
  TIFR4 = B1;
// always use TCNT different than ZERO because of multiple TCNT's AVR bug not updating correctly if TCNT=0
  if(token == 1){