Full home automation system with arduino mega and ethernet shield

Hello everyone. I am delighted to present this project. Home automation control with only: Arduino Mega. Arduino Ethernet Shield. Real Time Clock Module DS1307 RTC

Allows control of:

6 zones of lighting control with power control. 6 zones on off control. 7 zones blinds or awnings Control 3 Control HVAC setpoint temperatures. 3 Control of Heating setpoint temperatures. 2-zone automatic irrigation control. Scheduling. Programming scenes or environments. Voice control. Ability to control from outside the local network without fixed IP.

You can adapt to each specific application modifying the Arduino program and setting this app..

Arduino program is in: http://excontrol.es/Domotica-Arduino/Default.aspx

You can go to the project page by clicking here You can download the android application here Download code for arduino You can download a demo for android here, it does not need any arduino

The system has 30 control points, download the following file to view the same.

Control Zones

Hi, Roberto,

I see your post is very old but all links go to a business page. Do not have a copy of the project to learn?

Thanks and regards,

I found this page http://domotica-arduino.es/2016/04/28/descarga-aplicaciones-domotica-arduino/

It seems there are all new links. Some of them doesn't work, you have to read comments at the bottom.

Thanks zoomx. In fact, the're a lot of info in Spanish and some in English.