Full integration of Arduino Zero to Excel

The enclosed spreadsheet demonstrates full integration between the Zero and Excel. This technique made possible by using a modified DAQ Excel file. The Sketch example is for the Zero measuring temperature rise in an electrolitic cell, turning cooling on, detecting temperature fall, turning cooling off and measuring thermal power taken with cooling & heating of the cell mass. So we have a thermostat + power monitor with data storage & plotting.

The entire process can be followed on the Serial Monitor or alternatively on the Excel console, where all data is stored. Power conversion math is for demo purpose only, as each system must be obviosly calibrated and its specific equations obtained empirically or calculated by thermodynamics expressions.

Very many applications, not limited to thermodynamics can be implemented with this technique.

sketch_Thermopower_12__ZERO_.ino (6.09 KB)

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POWER DATA_20_.zip (33 KB)

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