"Full Member" :D

now that I have graduated to "Full Member", do I get a cake? :D


Depends how close you are to a cake shop and whether you have money in your pocket :)

You certainly have permission to get a cake.


It means you have to buy us all a 40oz bottle of Rye.


knob creek is good enough for me.

The cake, as has been said numerous times, was a lie.

LarryD: It means you have to buy us all a 1.5L bottle of gin.

Fixed that for you.

You mean like tap water? Eeeeuwww yuk. That's what ChrisTenone is saying in his avatar.

travis_farmer: I live in Maine, USA. Think Poland Spring.


I live in Feenicks. Think calcium hydroxide.

Calcium Hydroxide is similar to Sodium Hydroxide which is lye.


The water in Phoenix (Feenicks, especially in the summer!) has a very high calcium content. It is also quite alkaline. So some CaOH (aka "slaked lime) is certainly present in the drinking water.

Water in Norfolk was rated as one of the nations best....

Qdeathstar: Water in Norfolk was rated as one of the nations best....

Which Norfolk? Virginia or UK?

Or Massachusetts?

Poland Springs is very good bottled water.

Our town uses ozone in the water treatment facility, vs chlorine, so we have very good tap water also. Not so much at work, so I take Poland Springs in with me.

What has all this water stuff got to do with the OP's cake?

Cake is much nicer.


travis_farmer: I think it went from cake, to alcohol, to water, to who has good/bad water.

That answer is too sensible for this Thread. :)





Qdeathstar: Virginia

Robin2: Johnson

That's just nasty.

That’s just nasty.


It was not meant to be.


Unfortunately (?) that's where it lives ... :(


AFAIK Dr Johnson had impeccable credentials.