Full Sized Pinball Display Shield For Arduino Kickstarter Project

Have you ever wanted to add some arcade feeling to your arudino project, or wanted to add large full character displays, but haven't been able to find an off the shelf product with a large enough segment or wide enough display? I know i've asked this question many times, so I decided it was time to take my years of Pinball software and hardware knowledge and create the first BIG 80s arcade display shield for arduino.

My name is Jim and I welcome you all to my crazy world of pinball hardware and software adventures. :) I've been working on pinball machines rewriting software, creating new hardware, restoring, repairing and modding for many years now and want to add something cool to the pot for arcade minded arduino fans.

If you like what you've read so far then please have a look at my kickstarter project.


I just launched it and am looking for backers and like minded people to join in the adventure.

Thanks for reading :)

http://blog.mypinballs.com http://mypinballs.com