Full Truck WS2815 Complete Design?

I am building a full lighting system for my truck it will include 8 Marker Lights, Licence Plate Light, Halo Lights Exterior, Interior Lights Dome etc.
I will be using up to 15 meters of WS2815 144Led/meter waterproof strips.
5 Meters will be for markers and the rest interior-exteroir accessory.
I want to be able to control it WIFI - Touch Screen Display - Vehicle Inputs ( Brake, Turn, Reverse)
I would like to use an Arduino but dont know which one.
Givin 60ma/Led thats 43.2 Amps/5meter
I am thinking of a buck converter - 5VDC Arduino
Buck Converter for Led's
I know i need resisters in front of each led strip but dont know if i should use capacitors as well .
I think i should use capacitors for input to Arduino
I don't Know what size Capacitors i should use
Should i use more buck converters for switching (brake, reverse, markers) or go with the resister capacitor method to bring my 12v-5v for Arduino.
Does it matter what frequency i send the data signal to the Led's
What Display Should I use?
I know lots of questions i know some of you Wizards should quickly solve for me.
I know the 3D Printing world so i know some coding and tech control stuff.

The resistor is a 470 Ohm in series in the data line between the Arduino output pin and the data input to protect the Arduino output from over current. The 1000uF cap across the strip power supply will smooth out voltage fluctuations. Both are recommended.

Not sure what that means. The library will set the frequency of the serial data signal to the strips.

That also makes no sense. You cannot use a resistor and/or capacitor to drop 12V to 5V for powering anything. You need to use a voltage regulator.

What do you want to display? Just text? Graphics?

More specifically, a switchmode "buck" converter as the OP mentioned - or did he add that in later?

Thanks for the capacitor Info.
Sorry i meant resister schottky or zener diode. it will give me the right voltage from 10.6-14.8V.
Yes correct with the voltage regulator.
I want a Touch screen to control accessory lights. Basic colors and Music, Show a light dance etc.

What kind of Arduino Should i use i have an UNO

Very inconvenient for a practical application. The Nano is the more useful version for soldering something together, however if you propose to use WiFi then you really need to swap to an ESP8266 such as the WeMOS D1 Mini..

No never use that method it was outdated when I was a lad. It burns too much power and you do not get a regulated output.

You should use a Buck converter but I doubt you will get one to handle that much current. You will have to use several and power each section of your strip. You need to break the 5V line into sections so you never connect the 5V of two or more Buck converter outputs together.

I meant that method just for the signal to the arduino not to the Led's. so it wouldnt be much current at all just what the Arduino needs. it would be able to take anywhere from 10.4- 14.8Vdc and drop it down to right around 4.8-5.1Vdc for the Arduino

It doesn't need WiFi just needs Wireless just something i can be outside the vehicle and change my Patterns Colors etc.
The Nano was just a kit was givin a few years ago.

I am not sure what country you are from but you should check the laws and requirements regarding exterior lighting like headlights, brake lights, turn signals, licence plate lighting etc... If you are in the USA this is listed in NTSA manuals etc. If this truck does not go on the road no problems. But also check the nasties of the electrical system.

Yea its going to be offroad

Is there a board that can run 15 meters of ws2815 with a programable display and accept running light inputs fro the truck



arduino nrf24l01 remote control

It may help with what you are after.

Tom.... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Probably not. All boards have a logic level output and to go any distance reliably you are better off using a differential driver at he Arduino end and a receiver at the LED end.

I think he means 15 metres of WS2815 LED strip with 144 LEDs per metre. as specified in OP

Quite a few LEDs, 120 Amps peak current draw at 5 V. :roll_eyes:

OK, WS2815s apparently work rather differently, that may be only 40 Amps.

they will be running a seperate 12v power source. the control board would just be for Data.


With that much current you will need to run heavy gauge power buss wires parallel to the strip to allow for the significant volt drop in the strip's powersupply tracks.

Tom.. :grinning: :+1: :australia:

yea it will all be split up into lengths less than 1 meter allot of it will be shorter than 2 foot. i am now just trying to figure out how much data & memory i need on a board to be able to run that many LED's. Power supply is easy even if i just run 12v regulator's to small groups that is not a problem.

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