Fully wireless Internet remote control - Arduino, Electric Imp & nRF24L01

I've made this Internet wireless (wifi & RF) remote control over webpage that is very easy to implement using the following items :-

  • Electric Imp for cloud / server side Internet access & wifi SD-card to access the Internet
  • nRF24L01 for RF communications between Electric Imp to Arduino
  • Arduino for receiving the HTML color codes and send PWM to change the RGB LED strip colours
    ( needed 12V to power up both the Arduino and the RGB LED strip )

Details found in my blog with codes and additional info/pictures Arduino for Beginners: Electric Imp + Arduino + nRF24L01 = Fully Internet Wireless Solution

I have been trying to get this to work but I simply cannot! can you please help me out? Although the code runs, I can actually never get the two rf modules to communicate. What are the two pipes supposed to be?

Interesting project. What do you find the range of the Electric Imp modules to be?