function issues

Hi, I've been trying to build a small robot. I have gotten all the hardware strait with a motor driver and all but I'm having problems getting my left turn function to run. I keep getting the error: variable or field 'left' declared void

heres my code:

int fore = 12; //directional pins on the motor driver
int rev = 11; //used to spin the motor counter foreward and reverse

int angle = 2; //the interupter contact when high is the limit of turning

void setup() {                

  pinMode(fore, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(rev, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(angle, INPUT);


void loop() {

  int limit = digitalRead(angle);
  left(limit, angle, fore);


// my left turn function
void left(limit, angle,fore){
  limit = digitalRead(angle);
  while (limit != HIGH){
    limit = digitalRead(angle);
    digitalWrite(fore, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(fore, LOW);
void left(limit, angle,fore){

No types

You have to write the type of the argument, as such:

void left( int limit, int angle, int fore )

But, as you already declared those variable angle and fore, you can simply do this:

void left( int limit )

The error message is confusing. I've made the same mistake more than once.

Parameters in a function definition must have type declarations. Perhaps:

void left(byte limit, byte angle, byte fore)

thanks alot