Function names

Are there words that I cannot use as function names? I recently wrote a function, "void stop(){" and the word stop was highlighted in orange like it was a command recognized by the IDE. I changed it to "void noMove(){" and the orange disappeared. The sketch seemed to be working, but could that have turned into an issue?

Thanks in advance.

The IDE highlight all know method names in orange. These names are usually fine to reused as function names as long as you keep that in mind.

Syntax highlighting in Arduino is really stupid, based off of a keywords file in each library. stop is a name used by tons of libraries, so that’s why it is highlighted.

As long as you don’t overlap with another function name or use one of the language’s keywords for a name (you can’t have a variable named continue or void for example), you’ll be fine. “stop” is not one of the key words. If you do break the rule the compiler will complain at you so you’ll have to fix it anyway.

Thanks everyone.