Function of "Sleep" cmd after writing to e-Paper

In the Good Display example, the message was clear. One MUST end a writing action with a "sleep".

That leaves me with two questions:

  1. What is the detriment if the sleep cmd is not included. This is not because I want to leave it out but because it helps me if I understand the effect on the hardware.

  2. in the GxEPD_Example.ino I cannot find the sleep command.

Any thoughts, references I can check?

UPDATED: Link to Good Display example example code

UPDATE#2: Found this passage in the Good Display FAQs ".. In the case of long-term non-refresh, we need to power off the electronic paper or put it into deep sleep mode, otherwise it will damage the IC."

What "Good Display example"? If this is a continuation of a different thread, why did you start a new one?

Nobody who reads this will have any idea what you're talking about...

Your correct (kinda). This is a new thread with no post history.

While my post was a little sparse, the "sleep" command is common in all e-Paper displays. So for those who are familiar with the code for an e-Paper display the command "sleep" is well known.

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