Fundiuno bluetooth xbee (hc-05)

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any experience programming these bluetooth modules?
I'm using the bluetooth bee hc05 with xbee pro v03 shield.

I can't seem to get mine into AT mode. I can connect it to my pc and run code off it. For example the turn LED on/off when a 1 or 0 is sent works fine but I need to change the bluetooth bee to be in master mode but everything I have tried doesn't seem to work.
I've tried setting all kinds of pins to high after reading you need to set the key pin to high but doesn;t seem to do anything.

starting to think I should of just bought proper xbees...

but any help will be greatly appreciated



Hi Scott,

there is no dedicated jumper on the pro v3.0 shield to activate the AT mode. What you can do is to remove the ATMega on the UNO then use a small cable to connect physically pin 1 and pin 34 (Just make sure that pin 1 has a voltage of 3.3V first). After that you can use Putty (or another similar software) to enter AT mode.

Hope that helps.


Forgot to mention that when you have a HC-05 soldered on a XBee board, pin 34 of HC-05 corresponds to pin 20 on the board. As shown in this image :