FunkyClouds - Functions For LED Matrix Effects (some of them sound-reactive)

Just some basic tools and concepts for real time image manipulation.

Thanks to the forum and the FastLED Community!

Code? Here:

and here:

Do you have a link for a schematic ?


It's a WS2812B matrix like that one
together with an old PC power supply unit (20A @ 5 V) driven by an ATMega2560.

Connect ground from Arduino with ground from the PC power supply.
Connect the data input from the first WS2811 with an Arduino output pin of your choice.

Ok. 16 x16 matrix. I see the connection chain for one column on the datasheet but how does the first column connect to the second. Is it a top to bottom Col-1 => top to bottom Col-2 => etc ?

The line of the LEDs has the shape of an S. So every 2nd row column is "reversed".

That's it, what the XY function sorts out.

So START at upper left ==> ACROSS
| (down one row
| (down one row)
====> ACROSS LEFT to RIGHT etc etc. etc. (16 down ,16 across ) ?

Depends, which side you define as the upper one.

When the connectors are up it's like that:

|  |  |  .
|  |  |  .
|__|  |__|

So mirror and rotate your draft.

Does it matter which end of the chain is the beginning and which is the end ?
Using your diagram would the start be UPPER LEFT and bottom be LOWER RIGHT ?

Yes, it does matter - you have to start at Din - UPPER LEFT.

That means, after 16 columns you end at the UPPER RIGHT.

Why are you asking? Do you intend to connect several of these matrix pieces together? You don't really want to drive more than 256 WS2811 LEDs at one data line. It becomes to slow for soft animations. Every RGB LED takes 30 µS for an update. That means with the shown setup the physical limitation is 130 fps. Not much for smooth fading...

Large numbers of LEDs are driven with parallel output like with the OctoWS2811 lib + a Teensy.

I don't plan to wire one up any time soon but I wanted to be able to tell someone else how to do it should they ask.
That makes sense doesn't it ?

Yes, it does. What's important, is to connect (at least) the beginning and the end of the LEDs to the 5V to limit the voltage drop along the chain.

15 A (every LED white) is way to much for just one feed point.

In the video I drive the matrix with reduced brightness with approimately 1A. For that power at just one side is ok.

I take you don't have any intention of marketing a plug and play light box with a pattern select menu ?

And than sell regularly new content/patterns?! 8)

What would be my job in it?

A standalone light to sound device sounds more fancy to me.

A standalone light to sound device sounds more fancy to me.

I believe you mean SOUND => LIGHT converter...
In the 60's we called that a COLOR ORGAN. In the UK , being British, they could not he heard using our American term so they dubbed them SOUND TO LIGHT converter's . (how original huh ?)

I like it, made me think of this computer cube prop

from an old episode (That which Serves) of Star trek. :slight_smile:

@raschemmel: LOL, yes I mean a color organ. Sorry for my bad english.

@Lakes: Nice memories. Brings me to the idea to have the matrix inside a cube and the other 8 sides as semitransparent mirrors...

Isn't there an flat panel quasi-transparent electroluminescent material that changes colors when an electric current is applied ?

Yes, it's called TFT. Just without the backlight. Then all sides would be kind of transparent.

Imagine that with moving content:

Kickstarter project?

Are you experienced in marketing?

...and prototype first.

P.S. I build such infinity mirror stuff's incredibly difficult to get the mirrors 100% parallel - you see everything - 2 mirrors facing each other don't know any mercy...