Futaba VFD 4x20 and SPI VFD problem

Hi Folks!

So I finally forced my vfd to work with arduino :), but I have some problem - when display split text it continues on third line and then go back to second like:

================================================= LINE #0 This is a very long text which LINE #1 go back to this line... LINE #2 continues on this line and then


I think it's some problem with automatic splitting text (it jumps two lines down not just one).

I can manually set position of cursor and it works fine. Also I set in setup(); a dimensions for my display (AFAIK default is 2x20 so I set to 4x20).

Where should I change this correctly?


This "feature" is expected with HD44780 and compatible displays. It has something to do with display memory arrangement:


To avoid this, develop your own function to split and print to the right lines, or restrict all messages to 20 characters at a time.

That’s strange but OK I’ll modify my methods.Thanks :slight_smile: