Future IDE Versions

Hello all
This is in my wish list for what I would like to see in future IDE versions, well not so much the IDE but the serial monitor. It would be nice if the monitor supported UTF8 encoding. It would allow for use in languages other than English and those exteneded ascii characters that would like to use in your “serial.print” outputs.
For now I’m using Tera Term and it works for me, but it would be nice if the internal monitor supported UTF8 encoding.
So I thought I’d put it out there!! Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

That's a good suggestion.

You might want to consider putting it here:

It will get more attention that way from the actual developers.
But title it something other than IDE Version... Maybe say "UTF8 encoding for Serial Monitor in the IDE".

Sorry guys...Is it possible to make Serial.print() -and "Serial monitor"- compatible with UTF-8? · Issue #2519 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub

Do not make a bad thing into a good page just for the well-wisher.


I use CoolTerm - much more customisable and plays nicely too. http://freeware.the-meiers.org/