Fuzzy Logic for controlling DC motor, for help

I’m doing a based on the Arduino UNO tracking car, the car includes two dc motor and a universal wheel, using infrared sensor tracking module, and finally to realize the function : the small car can walk according to the black curve on the white floor.I wrote a simple program, but the actual effect is not very good.
Therefore, I want to use the fuzzy control algorithm to control the movement of the car, but I don’t know much about fuzzy control.So, I come the forum for help.Then, I found this post:
http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=262178.0 and download the attachment fisFuzzyNews.ino, but fisFuzzyNews.ino contains fis_header.h, so I don’t understand fisFuzzyNews.ino, especially the data types: FIS_TYPE.
Is there someone know what FIS_TYPE is? Does fis_header.H have a corresponding fis_header. CPP?

My code in the attachment

tracking.ino (1.25 KB)

Have you read fis_header.H? Looked in the library folder?

Have you read fis_header.H? Looked in the library folder?

No fis_header.h available for download in this post