FYI: Cheap mecanum wheel robots on aliexpress

No problems for me, cheap, fast delivery, complete, nothing broken.

With Raspberry Pi0W, connected front 5MP spy cam, two L298N motor drivers, LM2596 step down converter (to power Pi0W) and 3S lipo (12.6V fully loaded) robot is fine now (the 4 motors delivered are the 12V version):

Robot moves nicely ...

... controlled wireless with SNES gamepad+Pi0W+powerbank controler I created (mobile, but not small):

I have implemented a(2×)+b(2×)+c(4×)+e(2×) from Wikipedia diagram already:

Yesterday I received 11$ wireless controller for PS3 from amazon prime, need to figure out how to use that to control robot's onboard Pi0W:

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