[FYI] Some inspiring new projects enabled by Aruduino101/CurieNeurons Kit


I recently found Maker Collider(www.makercollider.com) is teaming up with General Vision and DFrobot to release two versions of CurieNeurons Kit - The full kit(which features Arduino101) and the nano kit(which features Curie Nano - a mini version of Arduino101).

Here is their official website: http://cnk.makercollider.com

Here is their Facebook Page: Redirecting...

There are some cool projects using this Kit(Curie Nano) to insert AI into their projects:

Coach T: www.coach-t.ai

R.I. Dance: www.ri-dance.ai

They are slowly releasing some How-to videos too!

Here is how they use Curie Nano board to make a demo of gesture-controlling LED, which seems to be the first prototype of the above R.I. Dance project:

This is how they hacked a kickstarter project Freedrum - making a virtual drum kit by using only Curie Nano board with a drum stick:

This Kit should be a great way to start making AI related projects. :sunglasses: