FYI some notes on the PS3 USB/BT analog values

I made some notes on the analog values that come from the PS3 controller. I have only 1 of these, so I don't know if these values are representative of all of them, but it is a SONY brand controller, cammo pattern. Values are approximate; the data you get is out to 2 decimal places.

Pitch flat is 180 flat on desk is 188 L buttons flat on desk (rotate away from your body) is about 266ish L buttons straight up (rotate towards your body) is about 83ish

Roll flat is 180 flat on desk is 181.x buttons facing right is 270 buttons facing left is 90

L2 unpressed is 0 L2 pressed is 255

R2 upressed is 0 R2 pressed is 255


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