FYI: Useful site for RFID RDM6300 how-to

If you are starting to dabble in RFID, and have an RDM6300-based breakout like this, then you need look no further than this page at tronicstuff.

Just take heed that they hook the reader up to Arduino on D0, and recommend that the wire be pulled during sketch upload. Should be easy enough to connect it with software serial.

It read the 2 cards and 1 tag that came in my kit, and also read my gym tag.

CAUTION: the antenna looks perilously fragile to me, so I'd be inclined to mount it on some card or something.

For protection of the reader antenna, I’ve temporarily cable-tied it between two bits of cardboard.

Drawn the part up in Express. Forum won't let me attach an .sch although I'm sure that used to work.

Anyhoo, if anyone wants it, to add to their Express parts bin, PM me.

(That said, it will take you less than 5 minutes to do a new one....)