Gadgets with E-Paper Displays Collection

This topic is intended to provide links to gadgets with e-paper displays, and information and discussions about them.

I will add links to devices I know to this first post in this topic. Contributions are welcome!

The temperature and humidity meter gadget that got me starting this topic: Xiaomi MiaoMiaoCe INK Dispay Digital Moisture Meter High-Precision Thermometer And the post that pointed me to it: #838

A nice weather station:

some nice links, I've just ordered a 4.2" waveshare -look out for ther dumb questions!

I just received my

I was surprised how exact the measured temperature and humidity is, until I opened the case for a look at the board and the devices on that board.

The sensor is a SHT30, so this is no surprise, I use SHT31 sensors from Sensirion, a Swiss sensor producer, for my sensor network. You can get these sensors mounted on practical boards by Chinese suppliers, or even on a board for Wemos D1 mini (LOLIN).

The processor is a Holtek HT66F0182 8bit microcontroller.

The e-paper display contains the inking WFT0000CF41 on the flex cable. Google knows nothing about it. The e-papers from Good Display also have WFT... marks on the flex cables; don't know if this means it comes from them, or just the flex cable comes from the same source.

The signals are not easily accessible, I would need an interconnector like gcormier used.

The e-paper seems to be glued from the front side to the case, so I can't see if there is any device on it, but it looks like the glass is slightly extended on one edge.

I would check if the controller chip is the following:

Being from the same brand, could be the one which is receiving the signals from the microcontroller.