Galileo DHCP request failure

Not sure if I should,ve started a new topic, apologies, this is my first post.
I have a Galileo gen2 board, and I am trying to get an IP address from my Broadband router.
I have searched around and tried multiple variations on the same theme with different peoples code, all give me the same results.
When I upload the 'DHCPAddressPrinter' sketch that is supplied in the examples folder, the IP address that is returned is, this is presumably the default address, but is totally out of the range of my router. All other DHCP sketches return the same result.
My router is configured to give addresses for my home network in the range 192.168.1.x. cables seem fine, I checked with my laptop, and that gets a valid address for the Ethernet card, and connects no problem.
What I want is for the Galileo to receive an Address from the router. But just as a test I used the webServer example. In this sketch I hard coded the ip address as I used the same physical configuration. Proving, at least to my mind that the cables and router appear OK. Interestingly, If I do not reboot he Galileo and then upload the 'DHCPAddressPrinter' sketch it preserves the 192.168XX address. But still does not resolve the problem. I am wondering if I am missing something obvious? or is there a problem with the DHCP request? is there a way to enforce it?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

*all sketches used were at least tried in their original state, so I saw no need to resupply, but I will if requested.