Galileo gen.1 - Using Ethernet

Hi all,

A few days ago I asked about why the example of webClient doesn't work on my Galileo Gen.1, and the answer I was given is that the Ethernet Library is not supported on the Galileo.

Has anyone succeeded to use the Galileo as a client using Ethernet? All I need is the most simple example of sending http get or post to a public website that works.

Any help I can get will really help me. I'm kind of lost :)


Here is my Arduino/w5100 client code.
It isn’t a “most simple” example. It has all the error checking and fault tolerance stuff I know of. Don’t know if it will run on a Galileo.

Let me know if it does.

edit: I downloaded the Galileo IDE, and I can tell at least one thing will cause you problems with my code, and that is the F() function. You will need to remove all those. The Galileo version throws an error about PSTR when it encounters those.

Thank you for your answer.

I'm completely new to Arduino devices. I think that I have a problem in accessing to the internet outside of my LAN network. Am I supposed to see the Galileo device on the router's management page? I can see my laptop, PC, smartphones but not the Galileo :(