Game Controller instrument inspired by Ocarina (of Time)

Hello! Using the Arduino, I want to want to make something that will make sounds. If you've ever played the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and ever just played with the buttons on the N64 controller to make your own music while in Ocarina mode, this is what i want to emulate. I would create a sculpture-ish casing to hide all the wires at the end but I have no idea how to go about this project... I have a basic Arduino Uno kit from AdaFruit and of course am willing to buy whatever I need. I have done quite some digging but all I can find is a Theremin Tutorial (which is cool but wouldn't work with a case over it?) and some tutorials that reproduce a single sound with a single button. Like in Ocarina of time, I want a combination of buttons to be able to produce different notes. For example, a button on its own produces one sound. Combine with another it produces a new sound. And so one. (Or, a button working with a knob to change the sound).

Please help. :slight_smile: Any resources? Recommendations on what to buy? (a speaker, but I don't know what kind)

If I can mod an existing controller to create sounds, that works too!

I haven't used Processing or Arduino in like a year so be easy on me -- but I'm not a total noob too. (Though I could definitely use a refresher.)

Try Googling "arduino ocarina". Example result: