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Hello there!

My name is Alex from Switzerland. I am planning to start using Arduino on an artistic project due on this December... I have no experience in electronic but a bit in programming (python, processing).

Here are my goals: - create a vertical wooden panel with a button on it. the board has many holes that integrates LEDs (ideally white and around 50 of them) - create a sound device connected to the board - write the program for 2 states: when nothing happens then light pattern 0 + sound 0, once the button is hit then light pattern 1 + sound 1, once the pattern 1 is done back to 0.

"That's it" i guess. So if anyone has the kindness to guide me i would really appreciate. I don't really know where to start but here are already some questions: - what kind of Arduino board should i get for this? - what are the other devices/components i need to make this work and where's the best place to buy them ? (piezo, amp, button, LEDS, cables...) - about the LEDs how to connect them to a breadboard if they are at a greater distance ( bare in mind that i don't know how to solder...)

Big thanks in advance! Reading back myself i feel November will vanish in a sec :D

i found this video...looks so cool!

Some of the links in this post might help you -,128666.0.html

Duane B