[GAME-PROJECT] Breakout Clone for MCUFRIEND 2.8" tft touchscreen displays


I made this a while ago, though I would share it to the forum.

Scroll trough the code and you will see many usefull snippets.

I used a cheap tft touch screen from AliExpress, and found a library that goes with it (google <MCUFRIEND_kbv.h>)

Code becomes most interesting halfway trough the code.

It has 1 level, 3 difficulties, WIN / LOSE screen, Scorecount.

Gives good insight on how to draw shapes on a screen.

I have 2 versions in the attachements (I used to have 3… one with bluetooth controller and android APK app that goes with it, but I can’t seem to find it)

version 1: touch + potentiometer (prefferably a slider) control
version 2: touch + left/right button control.

Have fun!

Everything should work, but since I found it drifting on my harddrive, please verify.

BrickDuino_01022017.ino (28.4 KB)

BrickDuino_24012017.ino (26.9 KB)

Adafruit_GFX.zip (8.88 KB)

MCUFRIEND_kbv-master.zip (211 KB)

TouchScreen.zip (4.75 KB)