GameBoy Advanced Display

I have a couple of GameBoy Advanced LCD Displays that I have harvested. Can these be successfully attached to an Arduino?

I also have a few of these displays but unfortunately without some complicated driver chips/boards they cannot be interfaced with. Not really a suitable screen for an arduino project i'm afraid.


problem with nintendo screens (and alot of pda screens ect) is that they have them custom made

therefore there is no info available about driving them short of hooking them back up where they came from and reverse engineering it with a logic probe

It sucks, I have some casio screens, GBA screens and a dead DS that i would LOVE to be able to use on a uC project

Maybe this will help with the GBA screen:

Unfortunately most people have not tried to use the GBA screen, just take video from the GBA to a bigger screen.


This is also the best I can find on the DS screen:

It is not simple and I think you may need a lot of time on your hands.