Gameboy camera

Has anybody manged to interface a gameboy camera with an arduino?

I keep reading that its simple to interface with a controller but I have no idea where to start.

For my application I only need low res images so the gameboy camera is perfect.

Can anybody help?


Remeber it would be so much more powerful and easy to use one of the new .jpg serial camera modules.

Obviously a bit more expensive, but better resolution colour images.

heaps of arduino examples out there - including how to save the images to an SD card

I want to use the gameboy camera because it is cheap and has onboard image functions.

I know of the serial jpg cams put they are overkill for what i need.


Something else to hook up and get working with the Arduino is cool, even though Gameboy cameras are getting more difficult to find.

Something else you might try (which has already been done as well, so there are some examples out there) is hooking up and reading an optical mouse sensor. Resolution and capture speed tends to be really terrible (32x32 or 64x64. at about 1FPS if you are lucky), but they are fairly easy to interface with, and easy to source, too.