Gameboy pocket LCD with Arduino?

Hey guys i found a old Game boy Pocket in the closet, and found a schematic on the Web, but it doesn't make sense to me, so could somebody help me out with the schematics? (and is it actually possible to use this LCD?) My purpose was to make a shiny graphic LCD-protoshield 8-) Here's the schematics:


Sorry it's not much use on the Arduino. The schematic just shows the LCD and the voltage generator. All those signals, control, data latch, Horizontal Sync, ... are the signals to drive it from the LCD driver built into the Game Boy's processor chip. This is a dedicated piece of hardware designed to supply all these multiplexed signals and you just can't get the Arduino to do all that. Besides there isn't enough memory in the Arduino to hold a screen image.


it was supposed to show just some text and data like temp. not an image. but thanks...

:'(---Whining because i cant make a shiny graph shield----

t was supposed to show just some text and data like temp. not an image.

But text is an image as far as a dot matrix display is concerned. It's the same thing.

Is it possible to use the AT Mega644 on the Arduino platform? From a quick view on the specifications, it retains all the I/O features of the AVR family but with 4 KBytes of RAM and 64 KBytes of Flash memory. Anyway it would be still pretty limited, since you can store only one 160x144 b/w image (2.8K). Think about the Fonera 2.0, which sports a pretty impressive hardware for only 40 euros... you could add to it the I/O pins through the serial connection, build an interpreter with libraries on top of an embedded Linux, and you would have the Arduino^2... easy to learn, cheap as usual but much more powerful :D