gamecube controller to n64

so i found this project GitHub - brownan/Gamecube-N64-Controller: Connect a Gamecube controller to a Nintendo 64 using only an Arduino and a single resistor . and when i try to upload it its says not declared .
im a noob, so could someone edit this code to work plz ??

and when i try to upload it its says not declared

No. It says something VERY specific - file names, line numbers, and WHAT was not declared. Post that, and we can help you.

im a newb i dont really know C/C++

I'm having a hard time understanding what you don't get from this message:

Gamecube.pde:101:23: error: crc_table.h: No such file or Directory

A required file does not exist. What have you done with/to/about this file?

I just picked up this project if anyone is still on this. Having some issues with the controller and board not communicating - maybe because I switched over to the Micro. Portions of the current code are now written in Assembly - which I'm not familiar with.