gameduino Alternative

Hi all,

in my google searches I came across a shield called gameduino which did exactly what i needed. Unfortunately you can't buy them anywhere... So I think they are no longer making them.

It has a GPU to avoid flicker and visible redraw...

Anyone know of any alternatives or shields that do the same thing?

TFT that can work it with the gameduino 2 library:

MCU: Arduino Due, MEGA, UNO, teensy 3.2, teensy 3.6

Video: FT813 + teensy 3.6: lineal gauge test

MCU: MEGA, UNO, maybe teensy 3.2 (3.3/5V tolerant) - HotMCU 800/801 - HotMCU 810/811 (gameduino 2 modified library)

WAW That speed is amazing!

Out of stock...

I am still going to quote you and repost this on another thread... Just in case people use different search keywords.

Quick update for anyone interested, Gameduino 3 launched in November 2017 and is now for sale.