Gameduino - Any Success?

Hi, I'm not having any success with a linksprite gameduino, the one with JATAG header and a seperate serial header to a (not installed) MAX3232 serial chip.

I bought one from Jaycar (AUS) at runout price.


Modded the GD library and the selftest example to compile with the current IDE. Ran the selftest and it failed at the first step, reading ID byte back from board.

Maybe the board is stuffed I thought so I bought another two. Same again with one of them. other is still in packaging.

A bit of probing with DSO shows clock and SPI activity to gameduino but nothing coming back.

Has anyone had any success with this particular board?


Did you try with the older ( 023 ) version of the IDE ???

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I did try one of the demo programs and there was no VGA output.

As I said I updated the library and the example I used so it would compile with IDE >100 because I couldn't find an old enough version of the IDE to use the code as is.

Maybe I misunderstood the version numbering, I will look again for 023.


Hi, Found 0023 for Mac but it being 32 bit I can't run it on a 64 bit Mac.

I think I can run it on 64 bit Linux with 32 bit libraries.


Hi, Couldn't find a functioning link to the 0023 IDE for Linux so gave up on that.

But I did try the Gameduino on another Uno and it burst to life. Appears the old Uno had a dead MOSI output, a bit inconclusive but too convoluted to explain.

Currently modifying the examples so they compile and run under the current IDE.


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