Gamepad controls servos through Arduino

Hello, I need help. I am building an underwater ROV (remoted operated vehicle) - kind of submarine. Arduino controller is supposed to be heart of it and it should be controlled by gamepad (compatible with PC/PS3 -> ). The problem is to connect gamepad with Arduino. I already saw some projects when it is connected through PC with some Python program, but I can program just hardware, so I dont know anything about it. Also I checked some tutorials with USB shield or special library. Do I need to buy the shield? Or do you know some good tutorial? Thanks for help Azureta

Note that adapting USB devices for use with an arduino is not an easy process. Perhaps you should consider a more basic control console for your project.

What kind of control do you suggest?

Azureta: What kind of control do you suggest?

I am very new to arduino so I don't know if this can help but here are some ideas off of my head..

Maybe you can use the new HID library in 1.6.6 and above from NicoHood. I have no idea what this lib can do but it is for USB stuff..

Maybe pull out the controller board on the gamepad and replace it with an arduino and wire up the buttons. Then you would have complete control over it. A bit of a project though.

Find a serial gamepad and use HID lib to map the buttons. You would need to make a converter box, serial-to-usb. That can be found on ebay for cheap. I am currently making a logitech g25 converter box from this tutorial: (mind you this was written for the Teensy. On page 2 there are some brief notes on using a Sparkfun Pro Micro 5V).

Hope it helped.. whether or not, I wish you the best :)

There are several game controllers which are much easier to use than PS3 controllers.

One of my favorites is the Wii Nunchuck. There are some nice wireless Nunchucks but I doubt you'd want to use a wireless version in this project.

The Nunchuck code I could find had serious problems (the least significant bits were incorrect and other problems). Here's my version of code to to read from Nunchuck.

PlayStation 2 controllers are supposed to be relatively easy to use with an Arduino. I think GameCube controllers also work with the Arduino.

Of course it's also possible to make your own controller.