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Hey guys sorry for double posting but if anyone can genuinely help me I am willing to pay for your time. Please let me know if you're interested and we can speak over messages or email.

I am capable of attaching the analogue stick and reading inputs and printing them to the serial console


When you read the joystick, assuming it can return to center, you get a reading of roughly 512. This is your center value. (Both axis should be close to this value) moving the joystick along its axis will change this value.

You can now use this these values to move your player.
x_value < 512 = left;
x_value > 512 = right
y_value < 512 = down;
y_value > 512 = up;

A combination of x and y can result in diagonal movements.

If you want a smooth circular range of movement then you will need to use some math (sin and cos)