I’ve been contemplating getting an xbox360 since the price is dropping. However, I don’t have a HD telly and I still play my xbox quite a lot.

Are the games significantly better on the 360 or is it the same old stuff with fancier graphics?

Also, what’re your favourite games?
Dead Space: Extraction on the Wii is my current favourite - very tense and extremely playable which is quite an achievement for an on-rails shooter.

I’m playing tombraider legends on the xbox. It’s much like the original - slightly annoying camera angles and falling to my death every ten minutes.

there is both, just like last generation, the same old crap, just prettier, and some newer fresher ideas (just not all of them)

I keep wanting to get a 360, but if they think they are going to sell me a 5 year old computer in a stripped down arcade package for nearly 200$ (that has a good chance of failure) then they can do without my money

Any other generation of consoles and that thing would have been 129.99 for the arcade (new) by now and less than 100$ used

Good point osgeld. I’ll stick with my xbox til I run out of games.

I thought cheap second hand chipped 360s would’ve flooded the market when MS started kicking them off Live, I’m yet to find any though.

edit: that said, the xbox seems to have dropped more than the PS3

I’m not much of a gamer, but have you thought about building your own console?

Since we’re on the Arduino forums - you could go with a UzeBox or similar, or roll your own in some manner with ATMegas…

Or - if you are wanting something more modern looking and less needing custom programming and hardware (hey, we all need a break, right?) - what about a box based around Mini-ITX or other embeddable PC hardware? The only downside would likely be cost…


the content for pc gaming is much thinner than 360, but I do get to play most of the got to have current titles eventually on PC

I love my 360!

With the new 360 released, the Arcade package (the old one) is on a pretty good discount.

It also comes with a warranty from Microsoft in case you get the RROD (which is EXTREMELY unlikely with later generation consoles).

I got my console about 2-3 years ago, and got the RROD a month ago.

I thought I was screwed, but it turns out Microsoft had extended all warranties for RROD, and my Xbox was repaired and returned to me within a week or so.

When the Xbox Kinect comes out, it’ll be even more awesome (it’s some pretty impressive technology).

New tech for 360? I got an elite and it just sits… I’ve been a cod fan for years and halo.

yea they have a slimline model coming out, and the other stuff is a wanna be Wii mixed with a SEGA activator or some nonsense

The “other stuff” is more advanced than Wii.

It’s a controller-less environment. A camera combined with Infrared distance sensor tracks 48 different body joints on up to 4 people at a time, as well as facial and voice recognition.

It’s not for everyone, just like the Wii wasn’t for everyone. It obviously requires movement, which some gamers are against :P. If you’ve seen the demos at E3, it’s actually quite impressive, and it’s slotted for release this November.

By the way, the Xbox 360 “slim” is already out :).

ok my bad so its a ps2 eye toy mixed with a SEGA activator (which measured multiple points on your body via ir beams in a ring back in the early 90’s) :sunglasses:

if you cant tell I am not sold on these motion control things, they didnt work worth a crap back when, using a Wii they apparently still dont, and honestly if i want to jump around and fling my arms around like a moron, I might as well be outside interacting with other people doing the same thing (ie playing a sport) so I dont look like a retard when someone walks past my house ;D

Like I said, not everyone is onboard with the whole motion control system.

The really impressive part to me is the AI that’s been created. The facial and voice recognition is superb from what I understand, even detecting emotions from facial expressions and vocal stress.

Either way, it’s something to keep an eye on.

I heard the eye toy was a flop? I’ve never owned a Playstation, so I don’t know for sure, but I think technology has advanced significantly since then. Also, I’ve never heard of the SEGA activator :O.

PS: I own a Wii as well, and the motion tracking isn’t bad (when you’re using a Motion+ as well), but the controller is kind of limiting, and I think Microsoft is trying to bridge the gap between Reality and Virtual Reality.

it was a huge flop, and its not that much older than a 360, as it was released near the end of the ps-2’s life (maybe 3 years before 360 if even that)

The SEGA activator was for the SEGA Genesis, a plastic ring you set on the floor it used ir beams in a way that it could detect you punching kicking and a few other things like stooping or jumping, it had its moments where it worked fine then others it would go nuts

I have not had the chance to use the motion +, most of my buddies with Wii’s havent played them past the first few months of ownership

Well, I really enjoy Tiger Woods Golf with the Wii Motion+, but other things are fun too like bowling, frisbee golf, tennis, etc.

We’ll see how the Kinect turns out, but I don’t think any of us could speculate much further :P.

I had a blast with tiger woods with the regular wiimote, yea it would screw up every other shot but it was fun swinging like a golfer

then my buddy told me to sit down cause all you had to do is flip your wrist, bummer :wink:

Yeah TWG isn’t really good unless you have the Motion+.

I remember that you have to swing really hard without it to get it to register a small putt ;D!

With the Motion+, it registers the small movements pretty darn well. Still not as good as real golfing, but not bad.

I wonder how a computer can get the emotion thing right, voice stress… facial features…
Humans are built to detect these things, and even humans fail regularly to pick these things up.

As for the camera thing, I reckon it won’t take.
The wii uses a controller you hold for several reasons… the thing I appreciate most about it, is that it is a tactile controller. You hold something. Makes you feel that little bit less of a retard when flailing your arms everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve yet to be convinced by the new xbox thing. After all, it was called natal and a quick google will tell you what the natal cleft is (if you don’t already know).

I do like my wii, but when I’m on my own I like watching telly while gaming and the wii tends to demand more attention than the xbox.

Cr0sh, I’ve thought about building my own console and doing homebrew on the wii but I decided to start with an arduino as I’m rather rusty at programming.

I’ve got “make a snake game to put on the wall in the loo” on my list of things to do :slight_smile:

@cowjam You watch TV while playing console games? How many heads have you got?


Andrew, most telly and most games aren’t compelling/engaging enough to require my entire concentration and as I get older I’m less able to do both at the same time.

If something gets exciting I’ll have to pause one or the other - especially during cutscenes.