Ganze Zahl aus TXT


i want to use some datas from a SD-File. My Problem is, i get only the ASCII-Code, but i want the numbers.

TankSt = ("tankst.txt");; TankSt.close ();

my english is a Little rusti, sorry


ich erhalte immer nur den ASCII von der ersten Ziffer der Zahl, ich bräuchte die ganze Zahl so das ich mit mathematisch arbeiten kann.

TankSt = ("tankst.txt");; TankSt.close ();

schnelle Hilfe wäre Super...

Vielleicht hilft es:,127073.0.html

i get only the ASCII-Code

You are only reading one character from the file. If that character is a digit in the range '0' to '9', simply subtract '0' from it to get a number. If you really mean to read more than one character, your code needs a lot of work. There are plenty of examples around.