garage door opener hack to add a three second delay

I need some guidance here, I have many garage door, sliding gate single and dual control boards that I have tried to modify to control a lift, they do what I want them to do, but... i need it to have a automatic three second delay before the next button pushed will energize. how can I start to hack into the microcontroller to change the programming? or can that not be done? I do have an Arduino Uno, but I am new to this, I definatly have enjoyed the projects that have come with the inventors kit! but I dont know enough to know if what I want to do is possible. I appreciate any imput in advance.
it has 9 pins on each side. it fits on the bread board but i dont know how to connect it to the arduino

9 pins make me think about a serial interface (rs-232), but unless you provide plenty of details about the board you're trying to interface to Arduino, it will be very difficult to provide any help.

the microcontroller is a pic16f84a, its attached to a remote reciever that has four channels. i wanted to get into the chip to add a three second delay< so that the reversing contactor would not engague too soon when another button is pushed. so im trying to learn C to program another chip and make the controller from scratch. this is my fist dive into this field. im working on this to get out of the air conditioning field that i have been in for 30 plus years, my body is worn out and i feel that if i can make this work it will change my life. im kinda stumbling in the dark, nad i hope that im heading in the right direction. starting with trhe arduino. it should be a simple program and the controlls are simple as well. basically a garage door opener with added safetys and a delay. any imput would be appreciated.
thank you for your post.

I think so you should go to any expert, who can help you and know Arduino Uno well.