Garage Door Opener via Internet

I'd like to be able to open my garage door from my phone. Maybe go to a website or send an SMS. To send an SMS, I was thinking I could do a direct twitter message using their SMS gateway. I could use one of those IoT modules that can be programmed. It could check my twitter account for a direct message.

I'm wondering if anyone has done something like this and what they would recommend. I have a GSM shield, but I don't want to have to have an active wireless account.

Thanks Shawn

Does your home wifi network extend far enough to reach the car?

aarg: Does your home wifi network extend far enough to reach the car?

Probably, but this would be for me or the kids walking home and needing to get into the garage. We do have a numeric keypad lock, but it is unreliable in the winter sometimes. Also, we have a glitch in the radio on the opener and sometimes it will not close the door with the remote or the keypad. I have to manually press the switch. This would allow us to close the door from the car if it doesn't close.

I know, I should get the real problem fixed, but I'd still like to build an internet-controlled opener rather than pay big bucks for one.

Also, the wireless wouldn't have to reach the car if I use SMS. Just the Arduino which would be close to the opener button which would get a pretty strong signal.