Garage lights controlling -program seems ok, but the arduino doesn't respond

So this is my first attempt to program arduino, it’s a bit tricky for me to switch from MBED to Arduino so fast. I’m using Arduino UNO, I set up the testing switches on a breadboard and the program compiles and uploads with no errors, but my output pins 8 and 9 are constantly set high and there’s no action or respond to switch inputs.
Does anybody have an idea what is wrong here?

Note: the LSR is here for no reason. It is simulated as digital input with the #3 switch on pin #3.

Lampe_radiona.ino (1.1 KB)

Digital Pins 0 and 1 are used for serial communications so its possible thats affecting the state of your inputs- maybe try another pin?

Otherwise I would add some Serial.print() statements to the top of your loop() function that print out the status of the inputs so you can be assured that the inputs are what you expect (or use a multimeter or logic probe to measure them directly).