Garage parking sensor

I would like to use the following components to build this project. The goal is simple. When the wife pulls in the garage I want the 8X8 led to light up when the car is about 2 fee away from the steps (she keeps hitting them) as the car gets about 8 inch away the color should change to red and maybe flash.

  • Arduino Nano
  • Ping sensor
  • Geeetech LED Matrix 8x8
  • Rainbowduino LED Driver

I can't seem to find an example of using the Nano and the rainbowduino. I am not sure how to power both. Is the Nano the best options for this project? Will these components accomplish my goal?

I think Nano, and any 8x8 matrix with a MAX7219 driver, Can write simple code to turn all LEDs on, off, whatever. MAX7219 has 5 control registers, set them in setup():

digitalWrite (chipSelect, LOW);
digitalWrite (chipSelect, HIGH);

Set Scan Register for 8 columns, Intensity (brightness) Register for full on, Normal mode (vs Shutdown), No Decode Mode, and Display Test off. When you want them lit up, turn Display Test on, that turns on the entire display. To flash them, turn Display Test on & off at whatever rate you want.

As for sensor, Ping sensor would seem to do to:

There are libraries for reading distances.

you could take a simple perf board and add a bunch of red, green and yellow LED's

once the car is sensed, turn on the green leds.

as 2-3 feet, turn on the yellow and turn off the green then at about 12 inches, turn on the red, and at 8 inches have them flash ??

no need for fancy drivers.

It's not worth the bother.

Just get one of these.


Or - you want it electronic?


Seriously. Not really worth your time re-inventing the tennis ball. :roll_eyes: