Garageband and the MIDI tutoral: MIDI Note Player

First, I'm very new to Arduino.

I set up the MIDI Note Player I then bought a MIDI-to-USB cable - hooked it up to my Mac, set up the Audio MIDI Setup (on the Mac), opened Garageband, checked the preferences (it sees 1 midi device). But (and I know this is a basic question) I'm not getting any sound. Is there a driver or something I need to be able to control a Garageband virtual instrument with an Arduino?



In the Garageband preferences select the Audio/MIDI tab and make sure you have the Audio Output set to "System Settings" from the drop down menu.

Then select your virtual instrument and double click it to get the instrument editing panel. Select Digital Basic from the Instrument generator, now you should be able to play the instrument on the keyboard found under the windows menu.

Grumpy Mike

Thank you sir, that worked a treat.