I’m working on a school project, built a carbon monoxide detector with alarm and sd shield to report the sensor values.
I need someone to help me to do the program by showing on the display the temperature and carbon monoxide value and that also shows the values ​​on a sd card with sd shield …
I leave the connection I made to the sensors attached.
thank you.

PS: under the file with sensor connections

COLLEGAMENTI.txt (419 Bytes)

drop the sd shield you r making it way to complicated, use variables in the arduino and you’ll be fine, you can connect the sensors and diplay shown in the tutorial now you combine that

I wanted to ask you if you can recommend a tutorial very similar to my project?

If there is a tutorial where someone already did your project, what value is there in your re-doing what they did? You will have learned nothing, and contributed nothing.

Reading from a MQ7 sensor is pretty simple. Determining what the value means is the challenging part. The sensors are intended to be used in KNOWN environments, not just any random environment.

Writing to the display is simple.

Reading form the thermometer and activating the buzzer and writing to the SD card are also pretty simple.