Gas Meter Reading

Hello Everyone!
I am new to Arduino programming. I know java programming language and did some project on that. I am in need to read a gas meter using java and arduino programming. Please share some ideas and useful links that can help me out to read the gas meter and store the reading values in database.

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Anurag Dhiman


you could use my java library.

See here:

Actually I've a little bug with analog sensor but I should fix it and digital sensor works fine.


gas meter as in a O2, or air quality ?

or gas meter such as found on a home for heating and cooking ?

the latter requires an add-on device sold by the meter manufacturer to output pulses based on use.

remember you cannot touch any existing part of the device without possible fines and penalties. but most, if not all meter manufacturers offer an external, easily connected device to connect to a BAS (building automation system)