Gas sensor enclosure. Splashproof


I am considering building an air quality sensor with arduino. It is going to be placed in a room where water hoses are frequently used to clean the floor.

Do you have any advice on how to make the enclosure allow air flow without being affected by occasional splashes?
Should a fan be used to force air circulation around gas sensor?

Thanks in advance.

If it is such an MQ gas sensor at 5V, it gets warm because of the heater inside. The heat makes the air traval upwards and normal moving air indoors is enough for the sensor.

With an enclosure, it might be not enough. However, a fan will attract moisture and dust into the device, that might be worse than a few drops of water.
Perhaps an enclosure with a small holes and a membrane inside to keep the water away from the sensor.

Baffles, with a fan and filters?