Gas sensors based portable environment monitor

I am designing a portable environment monitor using gas sensors for which i have bought mq2, mq3, mq4, mq5, mq6, mq7, mq8, mq9, mq135 and a sds011 dust sensor.

According to datasheets of gas sensors each sensor needs a minimum of 160mA which means to connect all the ten gas sensors i need 1.6A current (correct me if i'm wrong).

I have two arduino uno's and i plan to connect 5 gas sensors to each and the dust sensor to either of the uno's and a BMP180 pressure sensor to the other UNO.

I don't know how to provide the required power supply to all these sensors please help me out.

I am currently writing a gas sensor library that implements equations obtained based on the graphs provided in each of the gas sensors datasheet. I have not yet used the temperature dependency curves in my programs, i will be doing that very soon. Feel free to provide any suggestions or improvements to the library.

Check out this page MQGasSensors

1.6A sounds about right.